Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals require specific and completely uncompromising supply chain support. Whatever the location.

  1. Caring for the NHS

    Polar Speed offer a One Stop Solution for NHS Trusts which provides cost effective, quality and efficiency of service solutions to some of their inventory, temperature controlled and home delivery services.

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  2. Home Delivery

    We operate our own on-site and fully regulated pharmacy from which we provide a temperature controlled home delivery service to the homes of thousands of NHS and private patients.

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  3. Quality

    By exceeding the demands of the most stringent company and Government regulatory requirements, Polar Speed offer outstanding levels of quality assurance with our exclusive and dedicated pharmaceutical service.

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  4. Logistics

    Supporting the NHS and pharma industry with market leading supply chain solutions, dedicated facilities, extensive knowledge and compliance with regulatory standards for both the chilled and temperate market.

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  5. Warehousing

    With over 40,000 square feet of MHRA approved warehousing at depots throughout the country - each depot offering a large variety of storage options, including state-of-the-art chilled/temperate facilities.

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The One Stop Solution
Visit our Caring for the NHS section

Polar Speed offer a One Stop Solution for all your patient, home delivery, inter hospital and external supplier temperature controlled logistics needs:

We are all aware of the changes to the NHS as required by the recently passed EU legislation (May 2012). This requires the NHS to save money over the coming years through reorganisation and innovation. With over 15 years experience of working with over 80 Trusts Polar Speed has built a reputation for innovation and we feel that we can help Hospital Trusts to find new, costs effective solutions to some of their inventory and home delivery services.

We offer a One Stop Solution for all your patient, home delivery, inter hospital and external supplier temperature controlled logistics needs. We already provide these services to many trusts which have improved the quality and efficiency of the respective services.

We have become the logistics partner of choice for a number of NHS Trusts for site-to-site transfer of temperature controlled products.

The One Stop Solution service is provided as a menu that any one or any group of services can be chosen:

  • Direct to home delivery
  • On-site pharmacy
  • Patient Co-ordinator
  • Direct to wards for named patients, bulk delivery and put away of IV fluids
  • Managed Diagnostic Service
  • Nationwide Network
  • MHRA Licenced at all our depots
  • ISO9001:2008 accredited
  • Temperature controlled same day courier service
  • Clinical trials service