Bespoke Transport Services

Using the Polar Speed transport network, we empower a range of tailored solutions for clients across the UK. These include:

  • Polar Speed Same Day with same day collection and delivery
  • Polar Speed Local for collection and delivery within a local geography
  • Polar Speed Collect specifically designed for test kit collection from patient homes or offices with next day return to testing labs
  • Polar Speed Ireland which provides delivery solutions in both Northern Ireland and ROI. All services can be provided on temperature controlled vehicles in line with GDP standards

Polar Speed Collect

  • Book and pay for next day collection via B2C Website
  • Collect from your home and next day delivery to UK address
  • Solution for diagnostic test kits

Polar Speed Local

  • Next day delivery in local post code area
  • All activity managed at a local depot

Polar Speed Same Day

  • Same day collect and deliver in UK
  • Active and passive transport options

Polar Speed Ireland

  • Active transport network in NI and RoI
  • Daily active transport between UK and Ireland
  • Regulated storage site in Dublin