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Polar Speed Work Only in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Why? Because the distribution requirements of this market can be especially demanding, and are often well beyond the capabilities of traditional transport and distribution organisations.

The simple truth is that temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals require specific and completely uncompromising supply chain support.

And that’s why Polar Speed was created with you in mind.

In the highly-regulated world of pharmaceuticals, supply chain considerations are becoming increasingly important.

It’s no longer simply ‘deliver Product A to Destination B’.

The truth is that the integrity of many products can be compromised (and in some instances rendered completely ineffective) if they are not kept within strict temperature parameters during transit.

Whilst they may be manufactured and stored in hi-tech and carefully managed environments, they must also be treated in the same precise fashion throughout the supply chain process if they are to remain effective treatments.

Having recognised the stringent requirements of this specialised temperature-critical, time-sensitive market (and structured our business accordingly), we have developed into the supply chain partner of choice for a wide range of pharmaceutical organisations.

We are 100 per cent industry-focused and we have made it our business to deliver flexible and intelligent service for all our customers. 

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Facts and Figures

We’ve become:

  • The UK’s premier temperature controlled pharmaceutical distribution partner
  • The number one flu vaccine distributor in the country
  • The first pharmaceutical distributor to introduce a truly compliant temperate supply chain service

In 2011 we delivered over 800,000 pharmaceutical consignments across the UK and Europe, and in doing so our fleet covered more than 500,000 miles.

Polar Speed offer many advantages to the pharmaceutical industry:

  • A substantial (120+) fleet of multi-temperature vehicles deployed at our 16 strategically located depots
  • Over 40,000 square feet of chilled and temperate warehouse storage
  • MHRA licensed at all our UK depots
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Complete operational transparency

A fully-registered on-site pharmacy – we already conduct a home-delivery service for thousands of patients around the country.